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New Research Shows You Might Be Seriously Stressing Out Your own Dog

New Research Shows You Might Be Seriously Stressing Out Your own Dog
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Having a dog by our side is something wonderful, (playtime, snuggles, licks, etc…)these are reasons that make our pets awesome.

During our experience with pets, we can claim that they are proven to reduce anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder for their owners. Our furry friends do all the things to help us stay cool, calm, like giving us a lot of hugs and kisses. But new research shows that we are not doing the same for them, because we may be stressing out them with our own stress.

Also, research shows that we can seriously hurt our best friends by stressing them out. Their stress level might actually sync up with our own. And if we let our daily routine like job, taxes.. raise our blood pressure, Fido’s stress levels may also be peaking.

Now that you know what is happening to your dog because of your stress, would you do something about it? And, if this search means that our furry friends can experience the same emotions as humans, is the way to treat those feelings the same as how we would treat them for humans?

The video below  may help you to know the things which can cause your dog’s stress



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