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Man Buried Alive In The Snow Films The Tearful Moment A Rescue Dog Digs Him Out

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Flo is four years old dog and she has an amazing story to tell. She is a member of one of the finest rescue teams in the United Kingdom.


The Edal Mountain Rescue Team spent 100 days to train the dog on how to find those who are lost while going for hikes and climbs in the wilderness.

Her role is very important. The video in which is was involved went viral, it has already over one million views.

As a part of the training, a man buried himself, to see the dog’s reaction. Actually, a man was not in severe danger.

Because dogs are loyal, Flo goes to work right away and try to free the man from his bad situation.

As expected, Flo did her work successfully.


The situation in which was the man, is actually the same sort of issues faced by climbers and hikers. Which means that Edale Mountain Rescue Team very important.

The role of this team is to keep climbers from being caught in potentially deadly situations.

Video allows the viewer to be aware of the danger of being trapped in the snow and forced to rely on the kindness of a dog or strangers.

FLo is well trained by her team as she is able to dig easily.


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