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Male VS Female Chihuahua.

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two chihuahuasHave you been thinking about purchasing a Chihuahua toy pet but you don’t know which is better having between the male and the female? It can cause such chaos in your brain trying to figure out which one to choose at the end. However, this piece of article is meant to guide you through what look for so that you can have your perfect pick. There are various factors that you’d need to consider. male vs female chihuahua is not a big problem as you think.

For one, you need to know the peculiar behaviors and personality each will exhibit. Do you have other Chihuahua pets already? Which one did you prefer then? Or then, if you have a female, you can try a male now and vice versa if you already own a male Chihuahua. If you do choose a female, then make sure to know the traits it has and the likelihood of a litter of puppies. On the other hand, if you settle on a male, familiarize yourself with some of the male traits most dogs have. Otherwise, you can choose if you want a spayed or neutered Chihuahua.

The different traits in male and female Chihuahuas:


  • In terms of affection, the male Chihuahua is more affectionate compared to its male counterpart. The female Chihuahua’s tend to be bossy and independent, which may be the main reason why they don’t show much love.
  • Female Chihuahuas are more temperamental compared to their male counterparts. However, in terms of aggressiveness, the male Chihuahua takes the lead. This is no surprise though since most females, whether human or animal, all tend to be moodier while the males are aggressive.
  • Male Chihuahuas that haven’t been neutered possess some traits that you may not be happy with. They are known to mark their territory, which means you will find them either peeing on the floors, walls, carpet, and even on your seats. This can be annoying sometimes but you can rectify it by either potty-training him or having him get neutered.
  • Dealing with a female Chihuahua can get a bit difficult especially if she has not been spayed. This is because they will have heat cycles that can get messy and unpleasant and at the same time, can easily get pregnant which is another complication on its own. So if you aren’t looking to breed your Chihuahua, you can consider purchasing one that has already been spayed.
  • If you put a female and male Chihuahua in the same room, you will observe that the male tends to be cool, calm, and submissive whereas the female will dominate over the make. Talk about girl power! The female will also be barkier compared to the male.
  • What food do I feed my Chihuahua once I bring it home? There are plenty of dog foods out there but it is advisable to feed your Chihuahua high-quality food that will add nutritional value to its body.
  • In addition to which is more prominent over the other, female Chihuahuas have a higher concentration during a learning session and will learn faster than the male Chihuahuas. On the other hand, the male Chihuahua tends to act silly and clumsy which makes them all adorable and fun to watch.

What else to consider before settling for a male or female Chihuahua


It can be a hard choice whether you want the male or the female Chihuahua. They both have their good side and bad as well and owning either is a privilege. However, just knowing the different traits and personalities the Chihuahua possess isn’t enough to settle yet. Here is the list of other factors to consider;

  • Do you have other dogs in your household, if yes what’s their gender and breed? It may not entirely be a huge deal but it is nice to ensure that when you bring a Chihuahua home, it will be comfortable as they tend to be very picky. Needless to say, not all dog breeds can co-exist under one roof.
  • If there are other dogs in the neighborhood; knowing the type of dogs out there will help you choose whether a female chi or a male chi will fit in. this will apply if and only if your dog gets out to play and in the occasional routine dog walks. Otherwise, if it is meant for indoors alone, then it may not have such a huge impact on your decision.
  • What kind of diseases the male and female chi are likely to contract or develop with time. The most common disease a male will probably get at one point in life is prostate cancer while the female can develop ovarian cancer. Neutering and spaying help reduce the chances of these diseases in Chihuahuas.
  • Finally, you can consider the distance proximity of the veterinary to your house. You may never know when your pet will need immediate medical attention or when a life-threatening situation will surface itself.

Hopefully, now you can make up your mind and bring home the Chihuahua that you feel best will meet your demands and are comfortable looking after.

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