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Is it Normal for Puppies to Hump?

Is it Normal for Puppies to Hump?
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As a puppy owner, you may ask yourself if it is puppies humping something normal? especially other puppies.

We assume that older male dogs sometimes show serious humping behavior, especially if they are not neutered. But, it’s not normal for a young puppy to do so.

At the age of 2 and 3 weeks old, puppies start to learn how to walk. However, even at this early age, some puppies will begin humping as well.
At the age of 4 or 5 months old, your dog will enter into puberty, and it’s normal for him to show strong humping behavior as the sperm is viable.

Some experts suggested that the humping behavior of puppies is an action to show dominance.

in order to understand dogs thinking, we should know that all puppies consider themselves as part of a pack and their pack is their littermates, and when they are older their pack is represented by their human family and other animals in the house.

So, even at this early age, the puppies are trying to show dominance over other puppies, this means that his behavior is not an act of mating.

it’s natural that most of the puppies in a litter pack are trying to take his place as the leader.

In order to curb your puppy’s behavior and to show him that you are the leader you can begin to teach him commands such as “stop”, “sit”…

If the puppy simply doesn’t accept this situation and that you are the Alpha, you can instill this by entering and exiting the house before him. and by not placing his dinner bowl or giving a snack until he has obeyed the “sit” order.

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