How to Litter Box Train Your chihuahua?

Imagine a situation whereby you arrive home with your best friends or even workmate only to find your chihuahua has messed up the whole place. This will be so disgusting and at the same time embarrassing. You will need to clean up the place daily each time your chihuahua messes it up; this can be a stressful job to do. There is only one and best way to avoid all these wacky situations, and that is chihuahua litter box training is a must-have whenever he wants to go.

Methods Used to Litter Box Train your Chihuahua

You should not worry if your method does not work. There are a lot more methods that will help you to successfully litter box train your pet. The initial method is the gradual paper to the litter box method. This is suitable if your chihuahua is initially trained to use paper, in fact, it is easier to train the same dog to use the litter box. The second method to use is the crate training method. This method has proven to be the most efficient of all methods.

Crate Style Training Method

a puppy inside his crate with two litter box

In order for this method to be effective, chihuahua must have had prior knowledge of using a paper or litter box. This style essentially utilizes the fact that an animal does not go to the same place it feeds, this is a fact from observation. For this method to work, you should build a cage whereby your chihuahua is locked in; the cage should have a bed, a place to feed, and a litter box. The cage should be made of strong material to ensure that the dog remains inside. Once chihuahua has learned to use the litter box, then transfer him to the already created crate area most preferably around the bathroom. Be sure to watch the furry friend such that whenever it uses the crate, praise him with treats and petting.

The Watch & Capture Method

woman holding her chihuahua

Here are the steps to follow for this method

1. Get prepared

Prepare a feeding schedule for your dog, the water should be always near your chihuahua. However, in order to narrow down when your dog needs to go to do his business, restrict his feeding times. Set a litter box and put a piece of your chihuahua’s feces and a small amount of urine in it.

2.Supervise&cut off

Keep an eye close on your chihuahua as there are some signs that tell you that he has to go outside such as barking, whining, sniffing around, circling, and looking like the dog is about to lift a leg. When you notice these signs interrupt your dog and take him to the litter box.

3. Take the dog to his litter box.

Put your chihuahua in his litter box and be patient. If the dog wants to leave his box, Place him back gently into the box and wait for him until he finishes.

4. Reward your dog

When the dog finishes doing his business reward him in his litter box, say” good boy” and give him some treats after taking him somewhere.

The Potty on Command Method

a man command his dog to go to his litter box using "Go pee"

Here are the steps to follow for this method:

1. Select a command

Choose a good command for our dog to do his business like “go putty”

2. Set a schedule

Set a routine of feeding to know when your chihuahua will need to go outside. A predictable schedule will help you to know when to be available to guide the behavior.

3. Use the command

When you know that your chihuahua needs to go to do his business, take him to his ordinary bathroom spot and pronounce the command “go potty”, wait for him to finish then reward him with a treat. 

4. Establish

To establish the command “go potty” use it and wait for your chihuahua to go. The dog normally won’t respond immediately, wait for him a while and ignore him while you wait.

5. Use now the litter box

After establishing the command “ go potty” which is associated with your dog’s favorite bathroom spot, start transferring your chihuahua to the litter box and use the command.


Is it Possible That My chihuahua Learns to Use the Litter Box?

Dogs are able to learn things easily, therefore training them to use the litter box is very possible. With consistency your chihuahua will gradually learn to go on the litter box and not at any time will you find them messing around in your home.

How to Get Your Chihuahua to Listen?

Chihuahuas have a unique character, which means that there are some considerations that should be kept in mind during any training process, especially house training.

Like any other dog, chihuahuas don’t respond well to punishment, actually, if you are too aggressive, this may result in having a fearful chihuahua. In addition, chihuahuas tend to understand their owners very well, for this reason, don’t use a different tone of voice when working with your dog on potty training or other serious matters.

Using a different tone of voice will confuse your dog, so use a clear voice and speak directly.

The initial thing to verify to make sure that your chihuahua is listening to you is to call her name. Does she acknowledge you when you call her? If not she doesn’t know her name yet.

The easiest way to teach a chihuahua puppy her name is to pronounce her name and touch her gently in order to get her attention. Then, once your puppy makes eye contact, praise her by giving her a treat followed by a “good girl”.

Doing this exercise on a daily basis will help your puppy to recognize her name. Also, this approach will help you to teach your chihuahua other commands like where to go potty.

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How to Avoid Potty Training Accidents?

In order to avoid an accident when you potty train your chihuahua, you have to supervise him. Always keep a close eye on your chihuahua and pay attention to his behaviors. Because there are some signs that can tell you that your dog has to go potty. Signs such as whining, barking, sniffing around, and sniffing their butt. Make sure that your dog is not going out and doing his business when you are not supervising him.

When you notice any sign of these signs, take the dog outside ASAP. This trick will help to avoid accidents.

When you don’t have the time to supervise your dog, while he is being trained. Make sure that they are in an isolated room that has not any furniture such as a kitchen, bathroom, or playpen. It is also necessary to have a potty pad in the room near your chihuahua just in case.

There will be some accidents during the process, for this reason, you have to be prepared and not get angry. Always clean the area with a mild detergent and water you can also use enzyme spray.

 To keep the process moving forward quickly and effectively to have to be patient. Never be aggressive with your dog for her mistakes while housetraining as it can stop her learning process.

What If My Chihuahua Starts Marking?

Marking is a behavioral issue, in order to mark his territory a chihuahua dog urinates. However, to be sure that it is a marking issue, not an accident you should know the difference. On the first-hand marking is a light spray of urine the chihuahua uses to set his territory even inside the home, in which the bladder is not fully emptied. On the second hand when a chihuahua pees, his bladder is fully emptied and did it just one time.

To stop marking there are some steps to follow. Firstly, you should use an enzyme cleaner to clean the area to remove the odor the chihuahua may use later. Secondly, you have to put some of your favorite toys or the bed in the marking area. Also, spaying or neutering your chihuahua is an effective way to stop or reduce marking issues. 

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How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Dog?

You are starting the process and probably you are wondering how long the training will take. Well, the answer to this question depends on a lot of things, such as your chihuahua’s character, and the house-training process you are following. However, and based on our experience most chihuahua puppies will need three to four weeks to be house-trained.

You should put in mind that chihuahua puppies will need to go to the bathroom frequently. However, their bladder and bowel muscles will strengthen as they mature. After the age of six months, you can leave the chihuahua home alone during the day. 

What Do I Need to Begin to Litter Box Training my chihuahua?

In order to start, you will obviously need a litter box. The best litter box that will serve better for the purpose is a larger one. A large box will allow your chihuahua to have plenty of space to move around. You should ensure that your litter box is also open at the top. I would recommend that you place some absorbing material in the box to ease the disposal of the dog’s shit. Additionally, you may also want to place a polyethylene bag to prevent any spillage from the house.

What are the Essential Cleaning Items?

Odor can be a big problem around the litter box location. Therefore it is important to ensure that you have a variety of cleaning agents to keep your house clean and less smelly. A broom is essential to sweep and a dustpan to collect the mess around. Be sure to grab an odor control chemical at the store, then use it to clean the litter box. Ensure that the chemical is harmless to the dog. Some of the alternative odor control items are lit candles.

Training your chihuahua for the First Time?

Training your chihuahua for the first time can be a difficult task. However, gradual improvements will be witnessed once you consistently train him. The initial stage for training a new Dog is the use of paper. Designate a proper place to place the paper, then train the dog to use it by use of treats.  Alternatively, you may want to lock the pooch in that specific room for them to learn more easily.

What Are The Basic Things to be Mindful of When Litter Box Training chihuahua?

Consistency is the major thing to consider. Make sure that the litter box location is never changed and also ensure that you use the same phrase consistently to avoid confusing the chihuahua.

During the first weeks of training, it is good to watch the dog closely, ensure that you praise it whenever it does correctly, and if it does not use the litter box, do not hit it. Hitting the Dog will not only make it aggressive or even bite, but it also lowers the ability to learn.

Ensure that the litter box is at all times clean. This will encourage the chihuahua to use it.

Litter box training has helped many families with chihuahuas to appreciate their pets more.

Last word

Train Your Chihuahua Dog to Use a Litter Box is a must because No one enjoys cleaning up do pee or poop. Just put in mind if one method doesn’t work try to find another one or create one by yourself. But never give up the training.


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