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How to help a chihuahua that is scared of his world?

How to help a Dog that is scared of his world.?
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Chihuahuas have a shy nature and they generally prefer to live inside the home. They are not the breed of dogs who prefer to play outside and get dirty. There are some symptoms in which an overly shy nature is clearly depicted. He may fold his ears backward and dilate the eye pupils. Chihuahua may also stick its tail between the legs showing the sign of shyness. They may also avoid eye contact. In some cases, the shyness may become fearful and your Chihuahua may also urinate. It may also be possible that the chihuahua may run away from the environment. And occasionally, it is possible when your chihuahua cannot escape then he’ll show signs of aggression. So here in this article, this question helps a scared chihuahua, how it can be done? will have an answer.

 What is all Training Required?

 Your continuous effort is required if you are choosing to train your chihuahua to not get scared of the surroundings. There are gradual conditions to be fulfilled for that training to be accomplished. Bring your chihuahua out of his comfort zone and show him that there is rarely anything to be worried about. Bring him close to the things which he/she fears the most. Use yourself and show him how that thing is not dangerous. Chihuahuas and kids are the same way in this area, you gotta show them that there is nothing to be fearful of. Show your dog that it doesn’t matter whether you are scared of anything if you need to touch it.

How to treat your chihuahua during Training.

It is really important that you show your chihuahua that you are proud of him. If you notice any kind of curiosity and interest in the things which he fears then pat his back. Show him how proud you are. Treat them after they have shown any sign of improvement with their favorite food.

Do your chihuahua shows shy behavior with the Guests?

 It is totally normal that your chihuahua might show a sign of timidness when guests arrive at your house. The best way to handle your chihuahua when the guests arrive is to ignore him. Do not Introduce your chi as it makes the dog timider. You should leave your puppy alone and ignore him completely. You can let your chihuahua come out of his zone on his own. There can be two results by ignoring your chihuahua. It is possible that your chi show signs of interest and will come to discover what is happening around strange surroundings. The other result is totally different in which the chihuahua may stay to not come out in open. He might alienate himself and watch things from distance. In both cases, you have to maintain your same ignoring nature.

Chihuahua Shyness in the Public.

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Chihuahua will always have a very small world obviously. So it is your duty to respect his nature and make the world, even more, smaller for him. Introduce your chi to new things very slowly, do not let new things come to him in just one go. Make him friendly with just one thing at a time. This will allow your dog to give time and understand that thing. Take him to new places every week. It also depends on the age of your chihuahua the smaller the age the shyer your dog will be. You can take your Puppy to any of the following places for a time period of 10 to 15 minutes initially.

  • Take him around a river or lake, show him the free-flowing water.
  • Take your pup to a little picnic spot and try to play with him
  • Use the travel crate and take him to the nearest market.

There are a lot of things out there which can be really dangerous for your chihuahua. The small size of the dog can also become prey for other creatures like a vulture. So in a way the Shyness and timidness of the Puppy are valid. It is your responsibility that you ensure your chi that you are always there to protect him from mishappenings. This way when your baby chihuahua grows up. He/ she will be more focused and a little shy of things. Do not let them panic and let go of them into hiding. Introduce them to everything new very slowly.



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