How to Calm Down a Hyper dog

Dogs are lively creatures, energetic, and they are able to become overexcited very easily. As a dog parent, you may find yourself frustrated with your dog that becomes exceeding hyper with no signs of slowing down.

When a dog is excited about something, or a negative feeling like frustration and nervousness, he may become hyper.

In this article we will cover the following elements:

+why a dog may be super hyper
+how to calm down your dog
+how to help a puppy to handle things in a calmer manner.

Constant hyper behavior all-day

As we know dogs there certain causes that push dogs to become super hyper and to act out of control. However, some dogs can be hyper all day.

There 3 reasons for this sort of behavior.

1. Penned energy-Most of dogs are not lazy and have a high level of energy. Even small dogs have a very high amount of energy to expend. He may become hyper when he has no method to expend his energy.

2. Boredom-when a dog is feeling bored, he may become hyper because of this.

3. Frustration-A dog may explode at a certain point of frustration.

These 3 elements together can lead to all sorts of frenzied behavior, such as excessive barking, jumping around, begging, etc.

Triggers and how to calm a dog down.


Normally this breed of dog gets along very well with children.
But some dogs simply can”t tolerate with children”s behavior like constant touching, being handled, noise and running around the dog.

The fix

-The dog must have his private and quiet area, the area must still close to the family and where the dog can go any time that he wishes.

Going to That area must be a positive thing and not a punishment. There must be what the dog loves, like chews, etc.

-Set limits, teach children proper handling techniques, give them times when they can play with your dog.

-Control the beginning signs of becoming hyper before your dog reaches a boiling point, lead him to his private area and instruct children to calm down.

while doing this your dog will learn that he can control his environment and can choose to play and rest a calm atmosphere.

2.Pent up energy

Despite his size, this breed has an incredible amount of energy. without having a way to expend this high level of energy your dog can become very hyper.

The fix

-Two daily walks are a must. if your dog is hyper then you should take him to walk minimum 2 times per day. You have to use a harness, not a collar and the walks must be brisk.

Try to have walked even if the weather doesn’t allow.

2 walks per day prevent the dog from becoming hyper inside the house.

3.Foot traffic

If your dog’s food area or toy area is too close to foot traffic, your dog may become very frustrated and hyper.

Sometimes the dog has something that he considers his belongings, like some toys, beds.., and when he’s close to his belongings he may become so frustrated which leads him to become hyper.

This rule can be applied to the dog’s food area.

The fix

-Find a good place for your dog’s toy bin and try to show everyone in the house that it is the dog’s personal property.

-Place your dog’s food area well away from where people sit or walk by.try to find a quiet place that can be better for your dog.

4.lack of stimulation

it is common with dogs to have such a high energy level for this reason they need to see a thing, smell things, chew things and inspect things.

The fix

-have a weekly 30-minute adventure. take your dog to adventure at least once a week to let his canine senses to use. You will notice how much this can calm down your chihuahua.
-Having an awesome toy a good way to avoid boredom and giving your dog no time to become hyperactive due to frustrated boredom dog parents try to carefully choose some quality toys that are created to stimulate a dog’s mind.

-30 minutes a day of interaction.try to give 30 minutes from your daily schedules or from one of your family members to spend with your hyper dog.

During these 30 minutes trying to play some recommended games with your dogs such as fetch.

Going for a walk without playing or without distraction in which the dog is able to be mentally stimulated doesn’t count.

When you finished the session but your dog is still hyper just let’s keep playing and in order to prevent this use a finishing word like “done”.

When you are inside the house, ignore any hyper behavior. is hard to calm down my dog at night

There are some dogs that have trouble to calm down at night or they become more active when its time for them to sleep, So because of this issue owners ask a lot of questions.

The fix

-Signals at hour before bedtime try to send signals that show that its the end of the day, No exercises should be done during this time.
An hour before bedtime close the blinds, lower noise of tv and other devices and dime the light.
In order to calm down a dog in both mind and body brush their coat with long, easy strokes in a quiet setting. people, and other dogs

Some dogs become hyperactive and crazy when they see outside stimuli such as people, cars and dogs.

The fix

Try to make your dog face the outside sun when you take him for a walk because this constant exposure will lessen their importance.

By using this way once a day you will notice that your maniac dog will turn slowly into a calm dog.

Within the weeks outside stimuli will lose its significance.

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