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Gorillas Pose For Selfie With Anti Poaching Rangers

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With the caption which says, “just another day in the office”, I think that this new selfie is the best because it shows Two gorillas mimicking human behavior, with a park ranger who helped them when they were babies.


according to CNN, the photo taken at the Virunga National Park by the anti-poacher officer Mzthiru Shamavu.

It seems that female gorillas Ndakazi and Ndeze are used to take a selfie with the man, one leans forward to make it into the shot while the other stands proudly in a power pose with her feet wide apart.

“Those gorilla gals are always acting cheeky so this was the perfect shot of their true personalities,” Virunga National Park on Instagram.

It added, “Also, it’s no surprise to see these girls on their two feet either — most primates are comfortable walking upright (bipedalism) for short bursts of time,”

The park is protected by 600 rangers, and it is located along the northeast region of the country, it’s home to 22 primate species according to CNN, including three great apes.

“These local men and women go through intensive training, risking their lives on a daily basis to safeguard the park’s exceptional wildlife, including the last of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas,” the park’s website says.

Unfortunately, several rangers have been killed there, also two Britons were kidnapped in the park last year.

One other selfie, also from 2018, is captioned ‘Words to live by – Sagesse Intemporelle’


Another selfie with caption Family Portrait’, taken last year, also shows ranger Patrick Sadiki pose with Ndakasi and Matabishi

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