Golden Retrievers and Husky Give Heart-melting Welcome to Baby Kittens

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When you are the owner of cats and dogs, one of two things can happen. Either they get along gorgeously, or the area can be transformed into a war zone all the time. It depends on a few factors, mainly the breeds of pets, their individual characters, or their training. The decisive time in establishing a healthy and closer relationship between your furry friends is the birth of a new addition.

This can be a make-or-break time.

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One charming video shows a kitten’s heart-melting first moments.

The newcomer will live in a house with two golden retrievers and a Siberian Huskey. Fortunately, these well-trained dogs are all too happy to receive a new friend. while they try to keep their distance, their curiosity is noticeable. they stare steadfastly at the kitten in eager anticipation.

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Being friendly is not unusual for the golden retrievers breed.


As Dogtime.com puts it:

“These dogs are fairly easy to train and get along in just about any home or family. They’re great with kids and very protective of their humans.”

Golden retrievers have good qualities, they are a very easy breed to introduce a tiny kitten. All they care about is making friends and being good doggos. This means that when you need them to be careful and respectful of a weak kitten, you can trust they will behave.

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The spectators gather to watch the kitten play

Golden retriever and Huskey are watching carefully the kitten, they were not only to do so but a Daddy cat as well. This feline is the father of the newborn kitten, and along with his furry friends, watches on as his child discovers the new world around it. As we can see all pets get along, even the adult cats and dogs.

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And Mommy cat takes very good care of her young kitten.


The Mommy cat of the “fresh-out-of-the-oven” kitten sleeps when her tiny kitten sleeps also under her front leg. Seeing a cute kitten sleeping nuzzled into its mother can fill anyone to brim with joy. When to tiny kitten yawns, it levels even further up on the cuteness scale.

And as they sleep on, the watchdogs….watch…

The little kitten is very lucky because there are three whole guard dogs watching over her. any attacker would have to reckon with a great force. An adorable..yet mighty force.

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Siberian huskies have particular personalities.

“They are affectionate with everyone but do not need to constantly pester you for attention. They are not known to be aggressive and generally do well in multi-dog homes. They do well with children and will welcome everyone into their home”- Dogtime.com

obviously, that’s even true for kittens! the gentle and adorable husky curiously sniffs the little kitten, no doubt their future friendship will be wonderful.

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And many YouTubers have been tickled by these protective dogs.

Just check the comments to see!

I would pay to have such a family rather than having a family made of human beings.-Ouss Chebbab
Well said!
Dogs: “We don’t quite understand the cat puppy, but we like the cat puppy.”-Malkalypse777

Source: Viral Paws/YouTube Screenshot

What their adorable meeting that has already by viewed by over 14 million and counting!

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