Funny Golden Retriever Reactions To Dad Coming Home Vs. Mom

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Being welcomed by your happy dog after a long day of work is a great thing.

however, the way they greet their human friends is not the same all the time, because a loving pet dad observed something different about his dog’s reaction when he came back home from work- as opposed to his lady. So the dad decided to film the two different ways his dog reacts. What he filmed is just too hilarious!

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Oshie is a cute Golden Retriever living in California. His Youtube Channel has 107k subscribers.

The beautiful golden retriever has two awesome parents, Jesse and Nancy, who also direct his social media account called “Oshie’s world”. They share his cute photos and videos to let his followers enjoy Oshie’s life and adventures.

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Our video below is titled, “Golden Retriever Reacts to Dad Coming Home vs. Mom.”

Because of his observation, Jesse is the one who did the experiment. He starts recording while sitting in the driveway and captures Oshie’s glimpse watching from the window.

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While it seems that the sweet golden retriever will probably go bananas one dad walks in_ but Jesse has a different prediction. He says: “Oshie’s standing in the window, waiting for me to go inside. But I bet once I get in there, he’s not gonna act all that excited.”

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Time for action

Dad opens the door and his keys jingle while doing that action, and for a lot of dogs- this sound makes them too excited and happy. Once Jesse is there, the dog reacts normally and he is not even there to welcome him. But he saw his dad coming!

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Oshie, are you there?

Dad starts calling his pooch’s name while he is inside the house. he is happy and comes running right? Nope. Jesse should go to the living room to find him.

source: youtube screenshot

Oshie shows few signs of his happiness to see Jesse.

The dog has to show some respect to his dad, his tail wags and he goes up to see Jesse. However, the dod is not too excited and happy.

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dad takes his dog outside to breathe some fresh air and for some cookies, and it’s the prettiest break ever.

According to some experts, the Golden retriever is an intelligent breed, they are also friendly and devoted. this dog breed also carries their playfulness into adulthood. so it’s normal to see Oshie likes to have some fun too!

Source: Youtube screenshot

Nancy ultimately comes home and we get to see the dog’s second reaction.

When nancy is in the driveway, Jesse goes to open the front door. Oshie is on time there with his dad waiting for the door the be opened.

source: youtube screenshot

When the door is opened, the door flies like a bird outside to go to welcome mom. Wait a minute…

The Golden runs so fast to the driveway that His mom can’t even keep up. All this energy??!!!

source: youtube screenshot

Mom’s home! Mom’s home!

Dad films the most beautiful moments of Oshie greeting Nancy. he is so excited and happy like a kid on Christmas morning.

source: youtube screenshot

The dog was so excited, that he even helps his mom

To make things easy for her, Oshie takes Nancy’s purse into his mouth. It seems that the dog was trained to do that task. What a great dog!

source: youtube screenshot

The clip is so amusing, it has 85k “likes”. and some comments:

“So apparently a dog isn’t a mans best friend 😂😂”

Another wrote:

“🤣🤣 So hilarious he’s chill with you then goes the extra mile for his mom.”

source: youtube screenshot

For sure the dog loves his parents to the same degree, however, this experiment is so funny! Enjoy the video below.

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