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Free Diver Has Once-In-A-Lifetime Encounter With A Dancing Great Humpback Whale Calf


A lot of people think that scuba diving is intense and they avoid it, but this guy does something you won’t believe.

Pablo Prieto is a 34-year-old, free diver.

The freediver is using breath-holding techniques to stay long periods underwater instead of relying on breathing apparatuses. Pablo was on a dive when he spotted a whale calf stray from its sleeping mother. The calf went toward Pablo to check him out.

Pablo was doing what he like in the water near MO’orea, french Polynesia, for about two hours, then the calf approached him, it began to mimic Pablo’s movements. they spent together 20-minute.


Pablo felt a strange connection between him and the whale

“I really felt the connection to the whale,” he told Caters News Agency, saying the two felt synchronized and the whale “appreciated the eye contact at the end of the clip.”

In this situation a lot of us will be scared, however, Pablo was calm and says that he was in a safe situation with the whole time with the big creature.

“We were underwater, opposite one another spinning together,” he recalled fondly. “The whale was looking at me and I was spinning in a circle and then it was spinning in a circle, it was like a real dance.”

Pablo spent 25 years surfing, and he claims that the video is a reminder oh how important it is to conserve life in the ocean “It reinforces how beautiful the creatures are and how we need to protect them, and the overall ocean, by looking after our consumption, micro-plastics and more.”

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