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The First 7 Lessons To Teach Your New Puppy

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Puppies are lovely, cute and their eyes are irresistible, all owners fall in love with their new puppy, However teaching your new family member is a different story.in fact, there are a lot of adult dogs with behavior issues just because no one took the time to train them. Training should be a priority if you want your puppy to be an adult dog you’ve always wanted.
Training sessions should start the first day you adopt your puppy. Find bellow seven lessons you should teach your new puppy.

1. Focus

doge focus training
Focus is very important to start training, its the first thing which must be established because without it all future training sessions won’t be accomplished.

2. Playing

dog playing with ball

If your puppy plays with his teeth or claws, you have to stop immediately playing, even if their bites can be cute, because the older they get the worse the problem will be. Another thing you should put in mind is that you should never act aggressively toward your puppy’s aggressive behavior.

3.Potty training

dog Potty training

Potty training should be first on a list of things you teach your new family member. Firstly, show your furry friend their designated potty spot, Then give them a gift when they do their business. Secondly, when your puppy makes a mistake, which is something normal, try to be calm and lead him to his potty spot. Finally, you should put in mind that your puppy will need to go to the bathroom every two hours, so keep expectations in check.

4.Sit Order

dog Sit Order

Try to teach your puppy to sit, at the first try to give him a treat, and keep repeating this method until you teach him to sit without giving him the treat.

5. Stay order

dog Stay order

Teaching your dog to stay will take a lot of time, at the beginning of the process try to give them a reward, repeat this process several times until the dog can stay longer periods of time while you get farther away.

6. Come order

dog Come order

Teaching this lesson early is the best way to perfect it, According to experts there are some tips that you must follow while learning your dog this lesson. Firstly when the puppy starts moving toward you, Never reach out and grab her as she gets close to you. secondly, if she doesn’t come to you, calmly walk over to her, and bring her back to the spot you called her using a leash. reward her before trying again.

7. Go to your place order

dog Go to your place order training

This order is very useful to both dog and owner because it will keep them out of trouble.
Before starting this training you have to design an area that belongs to your dog 100 percent. Best friends animal society suggests as this trick :

“With the arm that is closest to the mat, toss a treat onto it. As soon as the dog steps onto the mat, use a clicker or say your marker word (e.g., “yes”). Once the dog has eaten the treat, get his attention, say your release word (e.g., “free”) and toss another treat, this time off the mat.”

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