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Firefighters Rescue 13 Cute Ducklings From Storm Drain After Churchgoers Hear Cries And Call 911

In California rescuing ducklings is becoming firefighters’ main job, they rescued 13 ducklings from a storm drain.

On a Sunday in Chula Vista, some people walking out of church saw an adult duck mama near a storm drain, then they heard baby ducks crying from underneath the grate. Apparently, ducklings have fallen through the holes in the grate when they were walking through the parking lot.


To rescue ducklings a church security guard called 911 for assistance, then firefighters showed up for help.

Instead of using their bare hands like firefighters in Florida, these firefighters use a net provided by Chula Vista Animal care. This Technic was useful to lift the 13 ducklings out one by one.

Jaime Valles an animal control officer in the area says that they face situations like this two or three times a year, which means that the team has plenty of practice.

Unfortunately for babies.they will never see their mama, because during the rescue she was scared off, and the team couldn’t find her to reunite her with ducklings.

Ducklings are now with the San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife. Babies will be given a lot of TLC until they are old enough to go into the wild on their own.

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