When a dog won’t listen

You own a Dog and most times it doesn’t listen to you. You are not alone; it is a behavior that is common with this breed of Dog. The barking of a dog can be annoying and unpleasant especially when it is uncalled for. The good news is that you can help your dog to listen to you. ‘My dog won’t listen’, is not a problem anymore.

Barking is a means of communication

The means of communication of all dogs is through barking. Whether they are excited, sense danger or feel threatened, all they do is to bark. The dog barks if they are hungry or need water. If another dog gets close to the apartment, they bark. And most important, the bark may send a home intruder away or alert the neighborhood of an impending threat.

When barking becomes annoying

Dogs are known to bark unnecessarily. A knock on the door may set them barking or a passerby just outside the house. These unnecessary barking can cause a lot of discomfort for you and the neighbors. It is necessary to train the dog to know when to bark and when not to.

Ways to make dog listen to you when it starts barking;

Barking should not be rewarded

Rewarding your dog for barking is just a means of saying well done and you can do better. If you reward your dog every time it barks, it only makes it harder for the dog to listen to you.

Likewise, barking should not attract punishment

A person shaking a finger at a Basset Hound dog with a guilty expression

If it is not wise enough to always reward a barking dog. It will not make sense to punish or scold your dog. Shouting at the top of your voice only gets the animal agitated thereby increasing the barking frequency. Loud noises are not different from barking and the dog may respond by with a louder sound.

When to reward?

Most dogs need to be trained on what it should bark at and what it should not. If your dog stops barking after you speak to it or remains calm in conditions it normally barks, this is when you reward. A knock at the door always set the dog to barking mode. If it remains calm next time there is a knock on the door, give your dog a reward for listening to you.

Understand your dog language

Communicating with a dog is not about speaking phonetics. Your dog may not listen to you if you are not communicating with it. Body movement, eye contact, gestures are some of the means of communicating with the dog.

Take charge

You must make your dog realize you are the one in charge. Let your dog learn to make way for you when you want to pass. Avoid lying on the same bed with your dog. By establishing yourself as the commander, your dog will start to listen to you.

Let him know his name

It is important you assign a name to your dog. A dog that does not know his name will not listen to you.

Train your dog to respond to his name by putting its food in your hand. Then call the dog’s name. He will definitely look at the food. Keep on calling the name until it looks directly into your eyes. Then give the food. Repeat this process several times. Make sure the dog is rewarded every time he looks into your face. Animals too love to be appreciated.

Shock collars

Shock collars are worn on the neck of dogs. They discharge electric shock into the neck of the dog. It works by discharging shock when the dog barks. There are manual ones and some are automatic. The automatic one shocks your dog when it barks not minding if the bark is necessary or not. It is advisable to avoid all shock collars. A dog can be trained to listen to you without the use of shock collars. Nobody wants to get shocked likewise your dog will not find it funny too.

Expertise training

If you have tried some many ways to make your dog listens to you but it is not working. It is time you seek the help of professional dog trainers to help you out. You will need to be involved in the training process.

If you want your dog to listen to you, you have to start the training as early as possible. You need to be consistent, they forget also. Do not always give in to all requests, learn to say no. They are animals with a brain also, correct your dog if it makes a mistake.

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