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Dog Tear Stains

White puppy having obvious stains on its eyes caused by eye discharge.
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A dog owner may see that there are some tear stains which are marks on the dog’s fur, they are located under the eyes or they are surrounding them in which the hairs lost their color.

The color of tear stains is not the same but most are brownish or reddish. Also, that color will vary depending on the color of the dog. But, there are other aspects of tear stains such as the discolored hairs having a crisp texture.

Dog owners become frustrated because a lot of product doesn’t work or it seems to resolve the issue for a little while and then it comes back again.

In this article we will cover the following points :

1.The causes of tear staining
2.Why this issue cause colored stains
3.Conditions to rule out
4.How to treat tear stains

The most common causes are :

Tap water: tap water contains very high levels of contaminants, fluorides, and toxins, and even cancer-causing agents. all these chemicals can cause tear staining.

Plastic bowls: some dogs are allergic to plastic, plastic bowls are not only the cause of tear staining, but they can also lead to the loss of pigmentation on the nose. the best bowls for dogs are shallow, raised stainless steel or floor level, ceramic can also be another option.

Teething: as we know teething puppies produce excessive tear, and as a consequence, it is leading to stains. But, teething will end when the adult teeth have emerged. But, it is very important to treat the issue since it can lead to yeast infection.

Irritants: it includes anything that can irritate the eyes, for example, smoke can cause tearing.

Eyelash/lid issues: ingrown eyelashes and inverted eyelids can cause a dog to have to tear.

Ear or nasal infections: some infections in the ears or sinuses can trigger excessive tear flow, rudding the head against the wall and trying to paw the ears are signs of ear infection.

Tear duct problems: when ducts are too small or they are blocked they prevent fluid from proper draining, it then spills out over the bottom lid onto hairs under the eyes.

Eye diseases and issues: like glaucoma.

Why this issue cause red-brown stains

Dog owners may ask why clear eye discharge can lead to red or brown hair. they exist two parts to this. the first is that tears contain water mucin, lipids, lysozyme and porphyrins, and other things. and as we know porphyrins that are the culprit. contains iron, this later stains fur, and the stains will be brown. But, when those stains are under sunlight, this can cause them to turn to a more reddish color, as you can notice in the summertime.

What about yeast infection?

dog suffers from Tear stains

Tear stains are not caused by a yeast infection, however, it can develop due to them. yeast can start to grow whenever you have a wet area. staining issues and yeast infection can be remedied from home, but sometimes we will need veterinary treatment.

How to fix and treat tear stains on your dog.

1. Possible health conditions must be controlled: if the root cause has not been resolved, you will find yourself in a vicious circle, because stains come back as fast as you can remove them.

2.some tips you can try at home to change what you can:

+Replace all plastic water and food bowls you have at home with stainless steel bowls, and it is OK to use ceramic, but, remember that they are not unbreakable as stainless steel is.

-Try to avoid giving your dog tap water.
-Smoke must be banned in the house.

3.clean your dog’s eyes daily and treat the stains: in my opinion is a daily duty towards your dog because stains can cause eye irritation or eye injury to your dog, the habit of cleaning your dog’s eye area is something important, cleaning should be three times.

The eye wipes: you must use a high-quality canine eye wipe that is all-natural and the wipe mustn’t contain lanolin or alcohol.

Finally, try to find by yourself the best tear stain remedies and be careful, and when the tear stains have vanished, you have to continue wiping your dog’s eyes daily.

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