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Dog Mama loses 7 puppies in fire and refuses to eat – After A Month she’s introduced to litter of orphan pups

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Losing someone you love is a very hard experience, you suffer every day every moment wondering why can someone leave you just like this. And the experience can be more terrible if the death was because of an accident.


This experience can bring a couple more feeling with it such as frustration and sadness.

Jessica Woodruff’s dog lost a big part of her existence on February 20, 2017.

A fire broke out in the barn, and the animals inside were in a terrible situation they were face to face with a devastating, burning inferno.

Unfortunately, four goats and a pig lost the battle. But, the tragedy which was most worse is when Jessica’s beloved dog Daisy lost her seven 3-week old puppies.

The Owner tried her best to rescue the litter from a burning barn, but in vain, it was too late. As we know there is simply nothing worse than, seeing helplessly someone you love to be taken from you.

Jessica, fortunately, stopped Dazy who was trying to rush into the blazing barn.

“It took just a few minutes. It was terrible,” says Jessica, who claims that the cause of the fire was a heat lamp that was used to keep the litter warm.

After the sad incident, the mama became so sad depressed and refused to eat.

However, the most heartbreaking scene is that the mama went down to the barn every day and sat outside the door, waiting. which means that she misses her puppies so much.

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Jessica couldn’t stay and watch her dog suffering without doing anything. So she had an idea-she did a request on Facebook asked if anyone happened to know of any local bunch of puppies in need of a foster home.

After a while, a woman named Lorna Murphy replied. Lorna lost her dog, a mama of 8 little black and white pups, their mama had died just after birthing.

So Lorna and Jessica arranged a meeting, and daisy finally…

watch the video to see what the mama did when she sees the new litter of pups-wonderful


this story proves that just like us dogs have feelings too.

we have to say BRAVO to Jessica the owner who did a good job to save her dog from sadness and depression.

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