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In this article, we gathered up all the most common questions that we received on our Facebook page about the dog’s eating problems. Bellow, you will find the answers.

It’s hard to find food my dog likes.

All dog owners are trying their best to give enough, healthy and delicious food to their little friends. The most important is that you have to try no more than 2 manufactured brands.

Concerning home cooking, maybe your dog is picky if so try to find and experiment ingredients, for example, your dog prefers peas to carrots or pasta to rice.

Your  dog doesn’t eat enough or never eats

A rule you should keep in mind is that some small breeds do not need so many calories.

If your dog seems that he never eats this means that is eating enough and exactly as much as he needs.

An estimate, which can be higher or lower by 20%:

1 lb. (0.45 kg) = 40 to 60
1.5 lbs. (.68 kg) = 64 to 96
2 lbs. (0.90 kg) = 80 to 120
2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg) = 111 to 165
3 lbs. (1.36 kg) = 120 to 180
3.5 lbs. (1.58 kg) = 154 to 232
4 lbs. (1.81 kg) = 160 to 240
4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg) = 198 to 298
5 lbs. (2.26 kg) = 200 to 300
5.5 lbs. (2.49 kg) = 243 to 363
6 lbs. (2.72 kg) = 254 to 396

As you can see,small amount of food is indeed appropriate For tiny toy breed. Additionally,if your dog is loosing weight or your puppy is not growing,there may be a serious health problem,So your dog must be checked by the veterinarian ASAP.

Another thing that may be the cause of the loss of appetite is the bowl, sometimes the bowl is too deep, the dog may have a hard time eating in a comfortable position or can hump his forehead on the edge of the bowl.

Your dog only eats if you hand-feed him

This is a bad habit that some owners do with their dogs, so they must stop it and get things back on track. Never do it if you are a new owner because when you hand-feed your dog just a few times and he will expect it all the time.

If suddenly your dog is asking you to hand-feed him, you have to reassess his bowl to make sure that it is comfortable.

To stop this bad habit give your food to your dog in his bowl.while he will resist at first, be sure that at some point he will become so hungry that he will eat the food.be patient because it’s a pet’s instinct to survive.

My dog only likes freeze-dried food, is that okay?

yes just with 4 or 5 start food.

My dog eats too fast is that okay?

Eating food fast is not good for the stomach and digestive system, it the cause of gas in some cases, and it can even cause vomiting right afterward.
In order to avoid that your dog eats his food as if he thinks it’s his last meal, use slow-food dog bowl or by placing stainless steel balls into the dish that you already have.

Why my dog hides his food or brings it to a different place?

Dogs, in general, hide their food for some reason because it’s not common for them to do so.

1.it’s common for rescue dogs to protect their food because they were always hungry.

2. As we know for some small breeds like chihuahuas for example, so if they were the runt of the litter this could have reinforced this type of behavior. because f their size they were always pushed aside. Keep in mind that a puppy can die from starvation or dehydration. A puppy who used to fight for food may have an urge to hide their food.

3. If there is noise or other dogs in the eating room, your dog will feel insecure and their food is not safe so he will move it to another room, where he can feel that his food is protected.

As an owner you should take your dog’s eating time seriously, try to offer a nice and quiet place for your dog to eat, it means a place without loud noises, with no one walking by side and without people talking to your dog while he eats. This will send a clear signal that his eating area is indeed a place where his food is safe.
sometimes your dog will try to test you, he will take food out of the dish, take the food immediately and put it back into the dish, he may try to move it a lot of times before obeying your request.

Try to keep an eye on your dog and not allowing him to eat outside of the designated area will be a good signal for him that he wants his tummy full, he must eat where you ask him to.

You must teach your dog where he is allowed to eat, even for small dogs treats.

My dog is underweight, how can I push him to eat more?

Some small breed is not supposed to weight a lot nor have Ana appearance of being heavy and sturdy.owner should stop concerned about their dog being underweight.

The only one who can say that your dog is underweight is your veterinarian, if the vet said your dog is underweight then you have a valid reason to be concerned and take actions to encourage some weight gain.

Some rules to keep in mind

1.there are a lot of medical issues that can cause weight loss.
2.when all health issues are ruled out, there are some steps you can take.

with health issues ruled out, you can start the following steps:

1.keep up with exercise. daily walks can burn some calories, its the food intake that matters here, this exercise can trigger the appetite to kick in.
2.start adding about 150 calories more per day under your vet’s approval.

try to weight your dog once per week to check for an increase. Just a kitchen scale could be useful.

Does my dog eat everything? Two things are at play here.

1. If your dog tries to eat everything, even non-food items, this can be a blend of boredom, curiosity or chewing obsession.

+Puppies sometimes are mouthing items, chewing on them, try to move to new place items including shoes, remotes, books…

+Keep electrical cords out of sight.

+if your dog is teething, try to find some quality teething toys.

2.if your dog eats food non-stop, this is a whole other problem

There are 6 reasons why your dog is always hungry

1. Increased activity-just like us when a dog burns more calories, the body will need more fuel. keep always a closed eye on your dog’s exercise level, if he is exercising more, it is perfectly okay for him to have a higher appetite.

2.type of food-always low-quality food that is packed with cheap filler, means that your dog is not receiving enough food which is real that can be a major problem. change the low-quality dog food by a better quality brand.

3.A need for water-Try to keep always clean and available water at all times, because there will be an increased hunger if a dog is not drinking enough water.

4.weather-During summertime it’s common for the dog to not eat a lot and its totally normal.

5. The need to chew- it’s normal for puppies who are teething to chew and this can often present as eating more food, giving proper teething toys can help.

stress and anxiety are causes for adult dogs that seem to always to be hungry.

6.health conditions-there some medical problems that can be the cause for a dog to overeat and gain weight.

Also, there are possibilities if your dog is eating a lot but is still skinny:

+canine diabetes- because of this disease the dog can eat a lot but lose weight.

+cushing’s syndrome- this disease has other signs including increased appetite such as fur loss, a darkening of the skin, increased thirst.

+bacterial overgrowth- this issue is known to cause damage that results in nutrients from food not being absorbed.so a dog becomes very hungry without gaining weight.

+worms- if your dog eats a lot but still skinny, he may have worms, your vet can inspect for worms by examining a stool sample.

+Exocrine pancratic insufficiency- this issue is rare with some small breeds, In this condition, there are not enough enzymes being created to properly digest food. So the food passes out of the dog’s body without absorbing nutrients and this causes a dog to always be hungry.

Sometimes, owners may not see that their dogs eat a lot of food because extra food is being offered too often.

You should follow a strict feeding schedule and not offering any food except during meal and snack time.

My Dog eats everything on walks

Dogs always mouth things first and then they take decision if it’s worth their time. However, if a dod eats all things while out on walks, this will be the cause of a lot of issues. Bellow some tip to stop this bad habit

+Have your dog on a harness and always keep the harness taut before your dog eats anything by moderately tugging on the leash.

+Remember you are the leader of the pack, so when your dog tries to eat something prevent him by using “leave it” command

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