Doberman Makes Baby Girl Giggle Uncontrollably

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There are two creatures in the world that would make us happy. I guess you already have an idea?

A lot of you will answer the pet and baby. Because they are so innocent and so pure, and a simple look or smile from them would brighten up our day. A pet could just cuddle up to you and already all your problems melt away.

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Having a baby and a dog means having double fun and happiness overload.


A video on youtube by Abreuer15 has over 6 million views, and I think there is a good reason for all those views. Abreuer15 put as a description of the video “lily playing with Addison”.

It’s about a Doberman playing with a baby girl. It seems that they have a great time together, the baby girl has the biggest smile on her face waiting for her furry friend to do a movement to let out a squeal of obvious joy, and the dog doesn’t stop from doing what makes her happy.

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Like all babies when Lily is on her knees it is hard for her to maintain her balance because the tipping point here for Lily is her laughter. This means that when Addison approaches her, she erupts in hysterical fits.

The baby girl topples over and tries to control herself amidst her waves of laughter. The dog with his great energy walks around and squats down appearing to pounce at her because the girl wants another stunning reaction.

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Dobermans are shart, strong, and smart. For these reasons they are chosen for police and security work and they are perfect for such work.

Addison maybe is an exception among the many stereotypes associated with this breed. People know them as police dogs and ferocious guard dogs, this breed has a sleek coat, an athletic build, and regal appearance.

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This powerful-looking breed originated in Germany, people used to use them as guard dogs. They are very loyal, muscular, and very fast.

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Having a Doberman on your side like Addison means you are lucky, just like the baby girl.

Dogs are by nature social creatures and have that “pack mentality”. According to AKC, when they are considered as a family member, the family becomes their”pack”. Babies and dogs can have strong connections due to the amount of time they end up together.


The connection with the pack and loyalty can make a perfect combination of love and protection.

The baby girl loves her big furry friend.

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Their vast environment and carpeted floor make it perfect for them to roll around.

Her dog’s movements have become too much for her. She dissolves into more laughter.

Addison approaches the baby as a sign that he wants to play again, the girl responds by raising her feet towards his face. She gets back up and continues playing with the dog. I’m sure their friendship will endure for the rest of their lives.

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Check out the delight the dog brings to her little human friend in the video below and please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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