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Dad Tells His Puppy He Looks Handsome In His Bandanna And Gets Quite The Response

Of course, we all know that dogs are well above average intelligence, they do remarkable things. But do you know that they can feel humble just like humans??.


humble is a great quality, it always associated with someone who is great on what he does or has something that makes him special, but he is always modest when it comes to compliments despite the boost of self-confidence he feels.it’s the same feeling for dogs, they are humble, they understand the other’s compliments.
meet the hilarious pooch who went viral on social media because of his cute behavior, he can’t take a compliment from his human friend without debunking it with a few howls of his own.

He tells his puppy that he looks handsome in his new bandana. Not knowing quite how to take the compliment, the pup responds in the cutest way–oh my goodness!

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