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Dad Starts Talking To His Dog, But What Happens Next? Too Adorable!

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Dogs especially husky have different ways of expressing their love. Some of them will lick you, others will snuggle up to you while you sleep, they are capable of coming up with little gestures to tell us how much they care and love us.

Huskies are the most striking and beautiful dog breeds. There icy blue eyes will take you to a magical world. They are good-natured, energetic, outgoing, and super-friendly. You have to put in mind also that this breed requires a lot of training and daily exercises in order to keep them healthy and happy, don’t be fooled by their cuddly appearance, because they don’t like to lay on your bed all day.

As you know this dog breed has a double coat, which means that weekly brushings are recommended.

Based on our experience, these breeds are very smart, not just smart but also independent thinkers. which means that is normal for them to be stubborn sometimes. However, they are trainable and respond well to clicker training, and are very engaged, they love learning new tricks.

What i really love about this breed is that they are safe and gentle around children, in addition, kids are perfect for keeping up with this active breed.

Huskies don’t like to be an occasional visitor from the outdoor kennel, they want to be a member of the family. and like all other dog breeds they deserve to be a part of our family.


Having a husky in your house means that he will howl, talk and yes, they can bark if they want to. I’m sure that their vocabulary will surprise you and put a smile on your face. Your smartphone will be full of videos of a chatty husky.

Mishka, the husky has her own method of showing love towards her dad. she tells her dad” I love you”

No, really, she does! take a look at the video below and you can see a very sleepy Mishka laying on a couch

check out the video below


is there anything more adorable than Mishka the sweet-talking husky???


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