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Dad Mistakenly Opens Gate, Calls To Wife As Hundreds Of Confused Sheep Came To Their Backyard

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Before the fire season, every year the city of Lincoln, California brings its sheep and goat population to help lessen the vegetation.


According to the City of Lincoln website:

“Grazing is occurring for habitat management purposes and will improve the overall health of the City of Lincoln’s Open Space Preserves. Grazing is an effective way to control invasive weeds, reduce wildfire fuels, maintain native plant and animal diversity, and reduce dead plant matter (thatch) buildup. Without management, these items can negatively affect the habitat functions of Open Space Preserves.”

Near one of the pastures where the sheep graze, there is the house of Russo family. This year the father Scott Russo decided that his daughters must see the sea of sheep, then he opened his backyard’s gate.

The sheep see the open gate so they decided to come in groups into his yard!after a while, there were hundreds of sheep and few goats, the family couldn’t send back the sheep to their first place.

After several attempts, finally, Scott’s wife finds a good idea, she sent the sheep back to their pastures by jumping on a trampoline and hitting a tambourine at the same time.



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