Cute Dog Wakes Up Dad Very Gently


For a Lot of us waking up is a very hard task. if you are a morning hater, and you hit the snooze a lot of time before greeting the day even if all your phone has a big selection of intelligent alarm sounds, then the man in this video below can be a good inspiration for you!

Getting a gentle nudge from your dog is the most smooth way to wake up. Some few touches from a samoyed are enough to stumble to the kitchen for coffee, the habit you always wished your wife would have done.

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Lexi is a Samoyed who is living with his human friend Tom Brown and his family. She is a lovely and indefatigable Samoyed with a perfect fluffy white coat. Her cuteness is enough to make anyone love her.

It seems that The dog loves so much her dad. she is all the time with him.

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The man seems to be deep asleep, he is in a quiet state of rest, However, his cute dog is ready to gently ask him to wake up and start his day.

Lexi is ready for her morning job, she gently taps her dad’s chest with her big fuzzy paw.

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She slaps her dad’s chest with the softest touch. Maybe she reminds you about your Mom, however, her way to wake up her human friend is so unique.

Lexi is so cool, and she is determined to get her job done until her dad is wide awake. But, why she is doing this, why does she insist to get him out of bed??

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While Tom was in deep sleep his wife holds a camera and was ready to start recording him. The man looks so calm in his warm bed. it doesn’t look like the dad can wake up anytime soon.

Lexi hits softly and her cute paw on his chest, but dad doesn’t respond. After a few tries and a certain point, she seems to be angry and might bring her bowl, but no, dogs are nice creatures and can’t do something that impolite.
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Lexi is a Samoyed breed. This dog breed is known as the smiling sled dog according to the American Kennel Club.

“Samoyeds, the smiling sled dogs, were bred for hard work in the world’s coldest locales. In the Siberian town of Oymyakon, for instance, temperatures of minus-60 degrees are common. Samoyed’s famous white coat is thick enough to protect against such brutal conditions.
Source: Lexi the Samoyed Facebook Page

Samoyed has a very special upturned smile which distinguishes them from other breeds. However, according to the experts that smile has a specific function. Because of the cold conditions they work in, the upturned corners of their mouth keep their drool from creating icicles.

Why this dog is so persistent to wake her dad?
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Back to our scene, after a lot of gentle taps on her dad’s chest. Dad opens attentively his eyes to be back into reality, welcoming him with a fluffy white dog gazing into his eyes.

Dad is not waking up yet, so the dog tries something else, she goes in for a gentle kiss, rubbing her nose against his.

source: youtube screenshot

Lexi is a very cute dog, but let’s get real. all she wants is to go for a break outside. she’s being nice about it, but her dad must wake up and take her for a walk.

Even if Lexi was persistent all the time, her dad can’t wake up, so Lexi starts another plan. She puts her fluffy paw over dad’s mouth. she doesn’t care about how king this wake-up is. Lexi is not ready to give up.

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