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Chihuahuas coughing spasms treatment

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It’s normal for your chihuahua to cough every now and then. It’s part of everyday life for an animal that can sniff 4 to 6 times per second. But if your dog does it a lot or can’t seem to stop, you may have a sick pup, and he may need treatment.

Is your chihuahua coughing as if it is clearing his throat, in order to get rid of frustrating hair that might be irritating him? If they constantly cough, do not ignore it, as this might be the initial sign of a persistent upper respiratory infection that is popularly called Kennel Cough. This is a communicable infection. However, timely prevention and treatment can retain your pet’s health. At an initial stage, the sickness may last up to 10-20 days, but it may recur if stress is put on the dog’s immune system.

Infection in the upper respiratory tract is the main cause of kennel cough. It is caused by a combination of the bacteria- Bordetella bronchiseptica and the canine parainfluenza virus. The infection affects the outer lining of the air passage and throat which results in cough and irritation. The chihuahuas may also find difficulty in eating their food.

In particular, the symptoms of kennel cough include intermittent coughing that increases at night, runny eyes and nose, coughing triggered by exercise, nasal discharge, vomiting mucous at the end of a coughing spasm, sneezing, eye discharge, clear or yellowish nasal discharge, dry and callous cough, fever, and lethargic appearance.

You may try the following home remedies to cure your chihuahua in a faster way.

1. Raw Honey and Lemon

Honey for dog

Lemon contains Vitamin C, which improves the immune system of dogs. Mix two tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and half (1/2) cup of water. Give this mixture twice a day to your chihuahua. Alternatively, you can also give a teaspoon or two of honey for quick recovery.

2. Vitamins

vitamins for dogs

Vitamins speed up the process of recuperation in your dog. Vitamin C is useful not only for humans but can also be a beneficial remedy for chihuahuas, to treat viruses and bacteria-related infections. The dosage level depends on the pet’s weight, but generally, a 500 mg tablet is a must two to three times a day.

3. Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

This remedy may sound strange, but it’s very effective. Chicken soup soothes the throat and boosts the immune system of the chihuahua.

4. Garlic Pills

Garlic Pills for dogs

Give your pet a 500mg garlic pill every day with its daily meal. This will recuperate its immune system quickly. In addition, you may also add an Echinacea capsule for a speedy recovery.

5. Keep the Air Moist

For quick healing, keep the air moist when your chihuahua is suffering from throat problems. A vaporizer or humidifier can keep your dog’s throat from turning too dry. You may put it near to the pet’s bed or wherever it sleeps. You may also use air conditioners that have inbuilt “humidifier mode” in them.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for dogs

It has antiviral properties that combat kennel cough. Give 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to your pet until the cough is cured. You may also pour a few drops in its food bowl or let it lick directly from the spoon.



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