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can dogs eat avocados?

Can Dog Eat Avocado
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dog eating avocado

We all know that avocado is a fantastic healthy food for humans, for years the avocado has been a source of debate, many think that it’s toxic and dogs shouldn’t eat it. But, On the other hand, many say it’s OK to feed dogs avocado.

Is it safe to feed your pet avocados?

According to some experts, avocado is not safe for dogs, because it may contain a toxic principle know as persin. it is also toxic to horses, castles, birds, and goats. Persin can cause a lot of issues such as heart failure, mastitis, and death, it is most concentrated in the leaves of the plant, we can find it also in the seeds, stem, and fruit.

Normally dogs are an exception because they can resist more than other animals to persin, but the owner must pay attention because avocado is listed among the 10 people snacks that are dangerous for dogs, as they can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

What if your dog eats avocado?

Avocados are not only full of persin, but they are also a great danger, their danger is the pit.SO if you think that your dog has swallowed an avocado, take him immediately to the vet.

Tina Wismer, medical director at the ASPCA animal poison control center says:

“Avocado ingestion can cause stomach upset in some dogs. The pit is the biggest worry, if ingested it can cause an obstruction. We do not see the heart or reproductive problems in dogs and cats that we can in other species.”

Keep your dogs away from avocados

Teach your kids and your guests too to not feed your dog avocado, because prevention is the best trick to keep your dog safe.

However, some people think that it’s safe to feed your dogs avocados

Eating avocados peeled and pitted, may provide some health benefits.

Dr.Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA and veterinarian in the intergalactic medicine and nutrition department at Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Georgia says “Avocados do have some anti-inflammatory fat in them. It’s generally healthy food, so in small quantities, there’s nothing wrong with them,”
she also agreed “If [your dog likes the taste of avocado], you have to think about it as any other treat,” she says. “The general rule for dogs is that a treat should be the size of a blueberry. Because dogs generally don’t chew [and swallow treats] whole, they don’t care how much they get, they care how many they get.”

“A dog that is on high quality, properly formulated diet should not need any additional nutrients from other sources,” Barghusen DVM, a veterinarian at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and dental clinic in Minnesota added.

She also thinks that a lot of dog foods contain avocado for its benefits to health because its good for skin and coat support from the inside out.

Finale word

feed your dog avocados in good amounts or ask your vet about it.

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