Bus Driver Stops His Vehicle In The Middle Of The Street When He Spots A Turtle In Need-Enjoy!

A bus driver naled Yaghnam Yaghnam who works for the Milwaukee County Transit System is officially a hero_at least in one turtle’s eyes.

He was doing his work when he saw a turtle in the middle of the road.

We know that turtles aren’t good at crossing roads, and our hero didn’t want the turtle to get run over.

Yaghnam pulled out his bus, hopped out and took the turtle to the safe area.

Yaghnam’s rescue timing was perfect because after the turtle landed safely on the other side of the road, another bus came speeding down the exact spot that he’d just left.

We know that roads are dangerous for turtles, however, what makes the situation even worst is that some drivers even hit them on purpose for fun_the horror!

PETA recommends helping turtles cross the road by “firmly grasping them by both sides of the body, in front of their hind legs.”

Put in mind that large snapping turtles do bite, but instead of picking them up push them so gently. Also, try always to help the turtle in the same way that it was going.


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