Boxer’s Silly tricks During Teachers Lesson Too Amusing To Ignore

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Working from home is a great challenge for a lot of us because during the period of COVID 19 the remote work has thrown many of us out of our comfort zones. A lot of people don’t have a professional climate to do their daily tasks as they can do at the desk. they spend most of their time stuck in their bedrooms, living rooms, or their home offices if they are lucky.

Working from home has also brought the new challenge of video calling

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The number of people using software like Zoom for meetings has increased, to be familiar with this kind of program is not a simple task, the challenge of sharing your screen or turning on sound to start the meeting never gets easier.

However, for some people these technical issues are the least of their problems- their family members are their nightmare and biggest worry.

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There are some unforgettable stories of online meetings during quarantine days, they are awkward and hilarious at the same time.

From cats climbing over the laptops to screaming kids, naked post-showered husbands on a towel, and dogs being sick, we really were witnesses of them all this year.

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You can count yourself lucky if it hasn’t happened to you yet, because you would have experienced at least some embarrassment.

Deanne Bourke is a teacher from Australia, ad his experience with online meetings is hilarious!

This teacher shared a video on Youtube of her dog, named Archie, who decided that her owner should be giving him the attention, not the students.

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The video was shared also by Deanne on a Facebook page named Boxer Lovers Australia, with the caption: “Archie is 7 years old and very happy to have me home while I teach my Year 2 class remotely. But not on this day!”

The clip is so funny because while Deanne tries to do her job(reading from a storybook), Archie does his best to prevent her.

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At the beginning of the clip, the dog moves quietly and sits near his human friend, with a quiet and strange haughty expression on his face.

The teacher intentionally ignores her unwanted pupil and continues to read from her storybook.

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This situation irritates Archie, who was sitting back and looked as if he can’t believe his eyes.

His lovely mom doesn’t care about him!! so he decided to paw her legs to get her attention.

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It is certain that this dog is the baby in his family, as he can’t understand his mom’s strange behavior

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The amazing thing about the clips is that the teacher is trying hard to stay professional and completely ignoring her furry friend, the situation makes the dog take extra measures to get her attention to distract her from her job

Boxers have some common qualities, they are an attention-seeking breed, also they follow their owners around wherever they go

it’s hard not to surrender to their demands because of their hilarious expressions

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A member of the Facebook group “boxer owners” found Deanne’s doggy video interruption so funny, with the comment

“I don’t think the children would have been listening to your story today. Archie was too cute to ignore”

Others think that the teacher was lucky because her dog was quiet throughout the whole meeting because boxers are very excitable dogs. it could have been worse!

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