Blind Woman Told To Get Off Bus Because Guide Dogs Cant Be Black

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Today, there a lot of stories around the world that can shock us. Some of them would have never been seen or accepted in the past, however, today in our era they look to be habitual. The story you are about to read in this article is just awful-regardless of what year it may be.

Guide dogs are unique, they help their human friends in different ways.

Guide dogs do a lot of special things to make someone’s life normal such as Hearing the doorbell, walking into an elevator, or crossing the street. We have to put in mind that there are some people who trust these beautiful dogs- like 22-year-old Megan Taylor.

Not long ago, Megan and her guide dog Rowley were inside a Bus where a vulgar passenger asked her to ‘get her fucking dog off’.

Source: Liverpool Echo

it’s common to find some people who don’t know a lot about guide dogs-what are their tasks or how they should be treated. However, this rude passenger is the most uncultured person we’ve come across.

The passenger can’t admit that Rowley was a service dog because he was a Black Labrador- she was persuaded the could only be yellow labs.

Megan who is living in Uk, said that while she was on the bus, a strange woman comes close to her and rudely stated, “Why is there a fucking dog on the bus? Get it off.”Megan was in shock and tried her best to reasonably explain to the ignorant woman that Rowley was her guide dog.

The woman thought Megan was a liar and stated “guide dogs are yellow Labradors and your dog is black,”


“I tried to explain to her that guide and assistance dogs can be any color and don’t have to be Labradors, although Rowley is. She told me I was wrong,” Megan told the Echo. “I decided at this point there was nothing I could say to educate this woman and that it wasn’t worth my time. I instead chose to ignore her while she continued to talk nonsense.”

Source: Liverpool Echo

Megan depends on her assistance dog because she suffers from episodic blindness’ caused by a traumatic head injury when she was 15

Megan also suffers from other several medical issues including dizzy spells, frequent fainting, and hearing loss. Rowley’s job is to help her to get through these issues.


“I suffered multiple fractures to my skull in the incident which left me with multiple disabilities. I can temporarily lose my sight without warning at any time, which is truly terrifying,” she explained. “Even when I can see I become so dizzy and disoriented when walking that I bump into obstacles and trip over things.”

Megan has two guide dogs, Rowle is her second assistant dog, since her first dog, Ruby retired. Rowley’s task is to serve his human friend to do all her daily tasks.

Source: Liverpool Echo

Rowley can also bring help is Megan goes unconscious- she feels more confident with him


“People should know assistance dogs come in many shapes and sizes and are trained to support people with a range of disabilities,” she told the Echo. “Just like a wheelchair, walking stick, or pair of glasses, they are important and vital auxiliary aids and as such are legally permitted to accompany their disabled owner in all public places.”

The ignorant woman’s behavior on the bus is so disgraceful, however, what’s even more shocking is that Megan has faced disrespect toward her and her guide dog a lot of time by strangers in public places.

Megan says she gets nervous when she is on public transport because of the rude people she’s confronted.

Source: Liverpool Echo

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a stress-free trip on public transport, that’s why I’m so nervous when using it now,” Megan says. “On other occasions, I have been spat at, stepped over, pushed out of the way, and accused of being ‘another drunk youth’ when losing consciousness due to my heart condition and neurological disorder.”

Megan tries all the time to have a positive attitude regardless of how many ignorant people she is dealing with. She thinks that the majority of people are good and kind.

“Most people are good and kind.”

This story is not the first and for sure it won’t be the last as you can witness in the video below.

People must show respect toward service dog and their human friends- regardless of how is their color, shape, or how much someone ignores their tasks. There are some people who can’t get this concept whatsoever, as you can see in the video below.

Finally, we wish Menad and her service dog the best- Please share this story to help some people to have some respect for these extraordinary animals and their owners.



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