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The best snacks for a Dog

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It’s important that you provide good quality treats along with main meals. The dog’s best snacks make roughly 15-20 percentages of everyday diet. When you choose wisely enough, it will ensure optimal daily nutrition for your dog.

You might not think much while handling snacks and treats for your tiny pooch; however, when choosing correctly, it makes a huge difference.

Housebreaking aides and training

During the learning process such as commands like going to the toilet, snacks can be brought into use. It provides a reason for your pooch to listen. With less motivation, don’t expect enthusiasm out of the dog.

Training is successful when it is made clear that the dog has performed actions in the correct way. You can think your nice praising words and pats also played roles in training. However, you can’t deny the role of tasty treats as rewards which they love the most.

Reward good behavior

Dogs are hard to handle, clever and most of the time hyperactive.

For a dog to develop a sense of good and wrong habits and a personality that is well balanced, you need to send a strong message. Reward their good behavior with something they love. In the meantime, your dog will be displaying acceptable and desired acts.

Promote fine oral hygiene


Out of most breeds, a dog is more vulnerable to tooth decay. So it is something that you shouldn’t take it lightly. Plaque is a very sticky substance that clings to teeth. It is produced all the time and if not removed hardens into tar within three days and becomes much harder to get rid of. Once the plaque forms, the tooth enamel gets eaten away in a gradual manner. It then leads teeth to rot and eventually losing teeth and falling out.

If the decay infects the gum line, it can lead to serious infections.

For the sole purpose of removing plaque, there is a specifically made dental chew with breath fresheners. Offer your dog a dental chew in a day. It’s important for proper teeth to care.  Some of the recommended ones are Virbac C.E.T chew, Greenies and Dingo treat. They are the most effective and popular among the vets.

Meal supplementationMeal supplementation


It is often that your dog isn’t set for a filled stomach but requires a slight something to do so. That’s when snacks and treats come into play.

Dogs have a faster metabolism rate and they need to have meals more than once. Small quantities are preferred. Offer your dog a few snacks all along the day so that wholesome and healthy food is on par with the needs.

Treats are best when they are healthy and digestible.

No simulated ingredients

Artificial ingredients react poorly with any dogs but some dogs are found to be specifically sensitive. Your small dog might suffer from the side effects and you still may not suspect it.

Artificial colors, preservatives plus flavors are the roots of health problems such as skin drying, itchiness, peeling, rashes, dry and brittle coating, and as well as stomach-related issues like upset stomach, nausea, and running bowels.

Some of the additives are seriously linked with cancer along with other life-threatening diseases. It’s sad to know that these ingredients are still legally allowed such as Propyl gallate, Red 40, Yellow 6, BHT, Blue 2, Yellow 5, BHA, and glyceryl monostearate.

Foods that are Indigestible  Indigestible  foods

Unlike larger dog breeds, some small dogs can’t handle some treats. In any case, these foods are not to be used such as rawhides which can cause blockage in the stomach or intestines.

No sweetenerssweeteners

Some treats are loaded with sugars. These foods linked to decaying teeth, dog diabetes, and other health issues. Also stay your dog away from cane molasses, corn syrup as well as Sorbital. They have found to be linked with cataracts, allergies, hypoglycemia, and arthritis.

Treats that are sourced as well as manufactured in North America are strongly recommended. These will provide a defense to harmful infections. Plus the North American processed treats come with any sized dog breeds. always remember if you are the owner of a small dog, you will need easy treats for their mouth to fit and chew.

With all the good treat qualities, the recommended treats are Old Mother Hubbard, Zuke’s Mini Naturals, Pet Botanics dog treats, and fruitless crunchy dog treats.


Treat Tips

Make sure the dog treats are good sized so they are able to reach quicker and easier so that you mark your dog’s good deeds at an exact time.

Make sure the dog isn’t out of focus when performing a specific task. Keep the goods in a tight bag so they can’t reach the smell.

Choose a specific time to offer treats. Make it a daily habit.

Even your dog isn’t training or doing something specific. Just don’t provide them with a treat. Give them a command to sit down or wait until they perform nice behavior. Never forget what a reward means.

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