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After 35 Years Apart, Senior Elephant Remembers Her Old Trainer During Emotional Reunion

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An elephant named Kirsty was rescued in the 80s, then transported to the now-closed Calderpark Zoo in Scotland.

Kirsty and her dedicated trainer and zookeeper peter Adamson are reunited, and the reunion was fantastic.

Kirsty and her trainer spent years together, but unfortunately, in 1987, they were sadly separated when she was relocated to England’s Chester Zoo in 1987.


They miss each other, but the Chuster Zoo is also where Kirsty met Judy_Kirsty’s beloved lifelong companion.

Judy and Kirsty were moved to Dublin and lived there between 1994 and 2005.then they were transferred to the Neunkircher Zon in Germany.

Peter decided to see his old friend Kirsty again, he found some information about her whereabouts online and was delighted to learn Kirsty was alive and healthy_and living in Germany where he was slated to vacation.

Neunkircher Zoo staff arranged for their reunion.

Peter wasn’t sure if his old friend will remember him, but the old saying”an elephant never forgets” is true.



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