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A Dog With ‘Fainting Goat Syndrome’ Freezes Up And Falls When Excited, Leaves Doctors Stumped


Peter is a dog who was among a family in Uk, but they couldn’t keep him anymore. Emma and Oliver decided to adopt the dog regardless of his strange behavioral”tic” and they fell in love with him.


Even if there were warning about the dog’s situation, Emma freaked out the first time Peter, the dog suddenly froze up while he was walking with Emma and collapsed to the ground, however, he quickly stand back on his feet.

Veterinarians are surprised by the dog’s behavior, and the question is why Peter falls over whenever he gets excited, but they think that the dog was maybe born with a rare condition similar to “fainting goat syndrome” Myotonic or “fainting” goats temporarily seize up when they feel panic.

Emma said that her dog is always conscious whenever he faints. His eyes stay open, and he rarely takes them off her_However, sometimes his body will freeze up for 30 seconds!


The condition happens whether he is happy or he sees an animal that exists his interest. Sometimes it can happen when he leaps off a ledge, feels raindrops or walks over a new type of surface. The 1-year-old spaniel sometimes freezes for no obvious reason at all, however, Emma and Oliver claim that their beloved dog is happy and healthy, and doesn’t suffer from any pain.

They find the dog’s move pretty comical…

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