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35 Of The Most Adorable Dog Cross-Breeds

Owning a dog has a downside, especially if you tally up all the shoes they’ll chew and the fragile things they’ll probably break in your house. So, why do we still love these furry creatures?

Who doesn’t want to come to find a dog so eager to meet them that they can’t sit in one spot?

This is a little homage to all the dogs that put smiles on our faces in ways only dogs can.

#1 We shouldn’t laugh, but…


First, how exactly did he get his head stuck in there? You can see the regret in this dog’s eyes as he was quietly waiting to get saved.



#2 It’s no what it looks like

Some dogs sleep on their beds all day, while some ignore their beds and prefer the couch. This guy just ate through his bed and got stuck. To each his own.

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