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15 Of The Fastest Dog Breeds In The world

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Every breed has its own qualities and unique structures. Humans used them for a lot of jobs such as hunting, racing, and sledding. Whatever the job, these dogs need to be fast. check the list below to find the fastest dogs in the world.


They look like a greyhound but they are smaller in appearance. Their top speed is 35 mph. Jut like greyhound this breed is also used for racing, hunting and lure coursing.


Regardless of their size, This large Russian sighthound has a top speed of 36mph. People used them to hunt and chase prey.


This breed is known for its high speed which can reach up to 45mph, For this reason, they are the most popular dog used in racing.


Saluki is a north African dog used for chasing prey and hunting. This breed has reached top speeds of 40 mph.

5.Pharaoh Hound

This dog is from Malta, this breed is used for hunting and chasing prey. Their speed is 35mph. They are also good jumpers.

6.Ibizan hound

This Spanish sighthound is capable of reaching speeds up to 40mph. This breed is elegant.

7.Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is from Scotland. They are very large and have been used in Deer hunting. Reaching speeds of 35mph, they are good at sprinting activities.

8.Afghan hound

This dog can reach speeds up to 40mph, This breed is elegant with his long-coated sighthound located in Afghanistan. People use this breed in hunting.


This Hungarian dog’s reaching speeds up to 40 mph. People use them around the world as hunting dogs.

10.Border Collie

Today this breed is one of the most famous in dog sport, their speed is 30mph. Originally bred for working sheep and cattle.

11.Jack Russell terrier

Even if this dog is a small breed, His speed is 38mph.


This breed is from Croatia with a speed of 37mph. These dogs are very active and to keep them happy and healthy you should train them every day.

13.Doberman Pinscher


Located in Germany, this breed’s speed reaching up to 32mph, Although this breed wasn’t originally bred for hunting, today they are one of fastest dogs. Their shape and strong muscles make them a great choice for a variety of fields.

14.Belgian Malinois

One of the most used dogs in the fields of police and military. This dog is capable of reaching speeds of 45mph

15.Alaskan Husky

This breed is known for its Endurance which was very important for people who own them in the past. Their speed can reach up to 28mph.

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