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10 reasons why dogs are the best pets Ever

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The relationship between humans and pets is something very strong, there are people who prefer cats and there are others who love dogs, below 10 reasons why we think dogs are the best pets ever…


1. They have an infectious positive attitude

they are all the time happy and they get excited over the simplest things such as discarded food wrappers, sticks…_this way they make you appreciate the little things in your life.it’s almost impossible to be sad with a waggy-tailed friend around.


2. They are loyal.


There are a lot of stories around the world about there loyalty, they do everything, and we can trust them.

3. They make us active

Even if when you don’t want to go outside, the necessity of walkies means you’ve just got to get out there. Then you always feel glad that you’ve had the exercise.


4. They are so good at cuddles.
A pooch between your arm on the sofa is something fantastic.

5. They do their business outside.

keeping a litter box inside is something you won’t need when you own a dog.

6. They love you back

Dogs according to research, they release the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when they are interacting with their human friends.

7. Dogs are always happy when you get home.

There are a lot of videos on the internet about dogs who are waiting for their humans when they come back from school or work, the show a lot of love.

8. They make you chat with other people.

People sometimes start a conversation with others when they are walking with their dogs, and this is something which is good in a world where people are increasingly isolated.


9. They make us laugh.

They do things that will make you laugh even if you are tired, like a backward roll off the sofa, or giving you the beady eye as you scoff down a bacon sandwich without offering them any…

10. They make sure no food ever goes to waste.



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